Our instructors come from both Military and NHS backgrounds and are male and female so we can provide the perfect instructional team to suit any clients needs. All instructors hold relevant teaching awards as well as either being highly experienced IHCD Technicians or HPC registered Paramedics with recent Operational experience. All of our Instructors realise the numerous different needs of the student and can adapt easily to whatever requirements that are needed, such as dyslexia, colour blindness and english as a second language.


The Medical Wing deploys individuals and teams in support of our clients medical requirements. All of our staff are highly qualified medical Practitioners, all of whom have completed some the of the world’s leading pre-hospital and remote medics courses.

The staff will be handpicked ensuring that their experience matches exactly with the countries and regions they will be deploying to. By engaging in a period of consultancy The Medical Wing will be able to assess the medical threats that our clients will face, ensuring that they travel with exactly the correct level of cover that utilises the most up to date methods of trauma care.

Operating a 24-hour Emergency Contact Service, The Medical Wing provides Medical Practitioners who are able to remain in contact constantly ensuring that any evacuations are coordinated in a timely manner, thus ensuring a client’s safety.


All successful students who complete a course by The Medical Wing Ltd are entered onto our database. We only ever recommend or recruit from our database as we acknowledge the investment that you have made in yourself by doing your training with us. We cannot guarentee you work but will always do our best by you. 75% of a course in February were employed within 48hours of the course finishing and 90% were offered employment within 14 days!

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