This policy is the The Medical Wing Limited public statement of intentions and principles of action of the company regarding the potential effects upon the environment from our commercial activities. Our Environmental Policy sets out the intentions of The Medical Wing Limited and reference to the Policy can be made through the information department via the e mail address of


An environmental review, carried out at Director level of The Medical Wing Limited, has been ratified by the Company. This review identified key areas of environmental significance and recommended measures for continual improvement, where necessary and practicable.


The Managing Directors have overall responsibility to ensure wherever possible that the Company’s business activities do not have an adverse effect upon the environment and to comply with the policies and best practice set out in the document. This includes the day to day responsibility for all Health, Safety and Compliance issues.


The policy is communicated to every Manager within the Company, who hold an electronic copy within their local or operating office. Further copies can be obtained, at any time, from

Continuous Improvement & Monitoring

Environmental issues are reviewed periodically, with particular regard to new business activities or additions to the Company’s existing portfolio.

Motor Vehicles

The Medical Wing Limited will use vehicles fuelled by either diesel or unleaded benzene, according to the type, size and purpose of the vehicle. Type of fuel will always be taken into consideration when placing a vehicle to task, in accordance with published guidelines on the most environmentally friendly fuel available, from reputable sources, where practicable.


The Medical Wing Limited has a long term policy concerning new buildings, ensuring a design and construction conducive to energy efficiency and employee welfare. The Company is cognisant of the WR 1992 under the H&SAW 1974 in this respect. Where practicable, automatic lighting, heating and ventilation controls are installed. The Medical Wing Limited currently tenants its buildings and, prior to any agreements with landlords, ensures that a sound environmental policy is in place.


With the advent of improved technology, all Company employees and contractors are encouraged to use “soft” copies to send and receive information, wherever possible and practicable. In this way, the use of paper can be reduced wherever and alternative means of communicating is possible. Company papers requiring destruction, where practicable, will be dispatched to a licensed organisation that will recycle the waste product. Company policy ensures that all paper and ink, where possible, is sourced from recyclable materials.


No smoking policies apply to all Company offices, where agreed by the majority of employees so located, or where legislation decrees. All Medical Wing Limited working environments are regularly reviewed by local managers to ensure that the atmosphere is pleasant and comfortable. The use of green plants is encouraged wherever possible. Employees at client sites are required to report to their respective managers, any hazard, potential hazard or method of working which is unsound, both environmentally and in respect of health hazards to themselves or others. Risk assessments will be carried out, in any event, of the workplace of employees assigned to customer premises.


Any employee who wishes to raise a complaint or express a view on environmental matters will normally contact their Line Manager. However, if the problem is not satisfactorily resolved in this way, then the Company’s laid down grievance procedure will be adhered to.